Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Using Mimio Tools to Create Engaging Lessons

You can create lessons on a mimio page with hyperlinks to keep students engaged.  Here is a sample page.  I have many pages put together usually by the day.  First I have an adjective song that I found on Gaggle.  I sent students the link so they can play it outside of the class or during their free time.   I have an adjective game hyperlinked  for them to practice using adjectives.  Then I put them to work finding adjectives in the text.  I just happen to have the text on their computers but you could do the same thing on your class computers using student share drive.  I have a generic exit ticket for them to fill out on my wiki.  You can put the link to a google doc on student share drive and students can take turns.

This is just a sample lesson.  You can create games for students to play or create manipulatives to aide in a lesson.

This is a sample of a mimio page I created to use as a manipulative while teaching multiplication.  We are studying Charlotte's Web so I used a field and carrots to resemble a farm. I screenclipped the farm and added the carrots to be pulled out as the manipulative as I give them the problems.  They will do this with me or I can use it as a formative assessment tool. This would represent 2x2=4. 2 rows with 2 carrots in each row.  They then put the carrots back in a pile and I will give them another problem.  This can be done in groups as well and students can take turns using the mouse and others can use boards or you can call students to come to the board and drag the carrots to show the problem.

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