Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It's More Than A Fancy Overhead

As we prepare students for the 21st century we must begin to teach as 21st century teachers.  You don't need computers for all of your students.  You just have to have the idea that you are the facilitator of the learning that takes place and do not need to always be in control.  By using the mimio or promethean tools provided by the school, teachers can create interactive and engaging lessons.  When you let students use these tools to explore and create you will be shocked at what they create. 

Using mimio and promethean to hyperlink games, points of intrest, videos, and research sites you want to control are just a few things you can do.  I use mimo pages to create my lesson plans for the day.  The students follow along the day by clicking the arrows at the top of the screen.  When I didn't have a one to one classroom I had my groups set up so that each table had a computer.  Each student used the mouse and followed along while they interacted using the computer on the table.  It can be done!  Students can use these tools to creaate responses to their learning.  You will be suprised at how students explore and show you what they know.

Give it a try!  I can help you and LEARN FROM YOU !

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